Black Embossed Croc
Meet the JO. A small circle pouch designed to slip onto our LOU bag strap or NICO belt to hold your earphones, coins, or other small items. This pouch is also great on its own; function has never looked so cool. There are endless styling moments and uses.
  • 100% Italian black embossed croc leather
  • Microsuede lining in light color
  • Zip closure
  • Loop detail on the back to pass through our 1" NICO belt or LOU bag strap
  • 3 1/2" diameter
  • Handcrafted in Spain

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JO is handcrafted in Spain. Our leather is sourced from the finest tanneries across Italy. Each pouch is cut, sewn and finished by Spanish artisans who are experts in their craft.

Our exotic printed leather is stamped calf leather and should be treated as such. To keep the leather clean, moisturized, durable and elastic, your shoes should be polished once a month. If excess dirt gets on your shoes, take a slightly damp soft cloth, paper towel, or clean makeup sponge and wipe gently. If the stain is tougher, try leather cleaner. Keep in mind, never use leather cleaner with acid or detergent as it will age the leather and shorten the lifespan of your shoes. Please test the cleaner on a small portion of your shoe to make sure there will be no discoloration. In general, it is also highly recommended to take your shoes to a cobbler to be professionally cleaned. 

FRĒDA SALVADOR shoes are all handmade in Spain using the finest leathers. Because of this, each pair will have unique variations, we love this about our shoes and hope you do too. Depending on how often you wear your FRĒDAS, what kind of terrain you are walking on, and how hard you are on your shoes will factor into the longevity of your shoes. 

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