Let's start by telling us a little about yourself. What is your background, what you do and what has led you to what you are doing now?

If you let my family tell it, I have always loved talking. My mom used to say, “Lizzy give me one second,” lol! I went to school for Communications and Business but moved to NYC to begin a modeling career that would last 20+ years. I have acted in blockbuster films but eventually, my travels and motherhood led me to starting The Cool Mom Co.

The Mazzy and The Ruby in Croc

Talk to us about starting Cool Mom Co. What inspired you?

Definitely motherhood. I remember being pregnant and realizing there weren’t many if any, sites that represented women of all diversities, backgrounds and cultures. I was this black woman just craving to see myself in the numerous motherhood outlets and could not find it. I knew I had to create it. I wanted a cool place where women could come to see themselves and engage in a like-minded community that celebrated being a woman and mother in the same light because both are equally important.

The Ruby in Croc

What were some of the milestones during that experience?

While we’ve always known who our audience is, realizing women who weren’t mothers also enjoyed our content was interesting. Creating content that could appeal to the new mom, the experienced mom, and the woman interested in becoming a mother was an unexpected outcome that we’ve been excited to lean into.

The Ruby and Mazzy in Croc

We’re all about building community. How do you foster community within Cool Mom Co.?

We give our audience a space to share. Each week we feature a Cool Mom on our site and share it on our social platform. We love highlighting women of all different backgrounds, diversities, occupations and interests. You don’t have to have a gazillion followers or fit a specific mold to be a Cool Mom, you just have to be you and have something to say!

Lizzy Mathis

For you, what has been the most rewarding part of becoming a mother?

Honestly, I just feel so lucky. I try to find the beauty in all of it–the exhausting moments, the moments that test my patience, the moments that make me laugh, and especially, their moments of growth. Motherhood has given me such a strength that I couldn’t have fathomed existed within me and I owe that to my children.

The Ruby in Seaweed Croc

How do you spend time outside of work?

I love to cook so I find peace and zen in the kitchen. During the week the meals I cook are quick but weekends are when I can spend a little more time being creative!

Lizzy Mathis

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I keep manifesting the time when I get to do a world tour eating from various countries all over the globe!

Lizzy Mathis

What’s your mantra?

DREAM of the big moments and LIVE in the small ones.

The Mazzy Croc

What makes you feel supported?

The love from my family is everything to me.

The Ruby in Seaweed Croc

We’re all about personal style–how would you describe yours?

I like to keep it cool, elevated and comfy! I live in jeans and trousers and sneakers or loafers.

The Mazzy in Black Croc

What are some of your most cherished items in your closet?

I have a chunky oversized cable knit Ralph Lauren cardigan from my mom that I absolutely love!

The Ruby in Seaweed Croc

How do you live life in FRĒDA?

I love FRĒDA’s easy, elevated, high-quality loafers and booties! I have so much fun mixing them with my laid-back style day or night.

The Ruby in Seaweed Croc

What’s in your day-to-day handbag?

During the day, I carry a tote everywhere I go–which usually includes my laptop/charger, tinted lip balm, hand sanitizer, wallet, keys, black or brown sunnies, floss and mints (I’m not a fan of gum).


FAVORITE SHOP: Erewhon as a guilty pleasure
GO-TO RESTAURANT: Crossroads Kitchen (and I’m not even vegan, it’s that good!)
CAFFEINE KICK: Iced Vanilla Oat Latte
SUNDAY ACTIVITY: Farmers Market & acai bowls with the family
HIDDEN GEM: Olive Ateliers (downtown LA for unique home finds)
RAINY DAY DESTINATION: cozy in at home and watch movies
BUCKET LIST EXPERIENCE: A family trip to Africa!
BEST THING ABOUT LIVING THERE: California is such a beautiful state! So many amazing staycations and sights to see!

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