We often get asked where our name came from and while it has an origin story, we’ve loved to see how our community has evolved our feelings towards it over the years. We’ve come to think of our brand name as a person, and it’s the woman we do everything for–design, dream, celebrate and build community. 

From the beginning,  we knew we wanted our brand to represent the women wearing our collections and that of course, included the name. Our design ethos has always been classics, reimagined in the details. Styles you can wear in your everyday with confidence they can take you through every step of your schedule–whether that be from work to drinks or morning kid drop off to an event. 

We started with FRĒDA. We’d long been inspired by Frida Kahlo–her strength, free spirit energy and willingness to explore questions of identity and gender while blending realism with fantasy in her masterpieces. 

Next came SALVADOR which is derived from El Salvador, the country of our shoemaking DNA. Cristina grew up running around the shoe factory her grandfather founded in El Salvador 70 years ago. It was in this very factory she saw the beauty of shoes made by hand and dreamed of creating her own footwear brand. It was also in this factory we produced our first collection and where our penny loafers are still made today. 

Combined, FRĒDA SALVADOR is the most badass woman we can imagine. She’s free-spirited. She’s magnetic. She’s dynamic. Style is important to her because she dresses to feel good. She isn’t overly precious with fashion and never takes herself too seriously. She’s approachable and knows how to have a good time. She’s beautiful for her thoughts and conversation. She knows what is important to her and has the strength to speak out about it. She’s the woman on the street you want to be friends with and the one you’re excited to meet. She’s a direct representation of the community we’ve built from the ground up over the past decade. 

So, why did we name our brand FRĒDA SALVADOR? We named her for you because she is you, us. 

Ten years ago, we did a campaign with our good friends at Theatre Mama asking the question, “WHO IS FRĒDA SALVADOR?” It’s something we’re extremely proud of and believe holds the same sentiment today. Our brand name is just the welcome we give to every woman who joins our community, but it is they who run with it and make it into something real. Something we can all relate to and connect with in our everyday lives.

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