Respect for product, people and the planet is at the heart of everything we do. How our collections are made is the foundation of FRĒDA and we are proud to show you where our products come from and introduce you to the hands that make them. As a brand we are redefining modern, feminine style. Our products are handcrafted in family factories in Spain and El Salvador, where we mindfully source the highest quality leathers for everyday wear, for years to come.

We started with friendship. Co-founders, Cristina Palomo Nelson and Megan Papay met while designing at another accessories company, instantly clicking over their shared love of design. Traveling across Italy, visiting Europe’s finest factories and tanneries, the pair dreamed up FRĒDA over many bottles of wine and the founding idea of combining Megan’s background in styling and Cristina’s shoemaking lineage to create a brand that struck the perfect balance between design and function.

Over 10 years later, we’ve grown into a close team of women based in Sausalito, California who love being a part of the small fashion business community and collaborating with other like-minded friends, women and brands.

We set out to create reimagined classics for the non-stop woman. Our unique approach to design is what makes us stand out while the quality and function of our handmade shoes and accessories are what has formed our community of badass women. The combination of both Megan and Cristina’s individual styles is present in every piece. While slightly unconventional, our collections are meant to live in your closet forever.

We work with artisans in family-run factories who love our products as much as we do. Mostly from Italy and Spain, our leathers are of the highest quality, responsibly sourced with high transparency of the raw materials and certified by Leather Working Group. To ensure we won’t have excess inventory, we make small batch collections using old world techniques to produce products that will stand the test of time.