We believe that the quality of handmade products is unparalleled. We only support artisans who believe in keeping the art and integrity of shoemaking alive and work in a place as inspiring as the shoes they are making. They have skills and use techniques that have been used for generations. Our passion for craftsmanship comes from a long lineage that we proudly uphold today. All of our factories practice ethical production and have honed their craft in a tradition that has been passed down generation after generation.

Managed by Cristina’s grandfather’s best friend, our products are handmade at our family-run factory in the traditional footwear region Alicante, Spain. Each collection is meticulously made by artisans who are experts in their craft and over the years, have become family to us.

Our shoemaking DNA begins in San Salvador, El Salvador where Cristina’s grandfather first started manufacturing shoes nearly 70 years ago. Founded by her father in the 1980s, Cristina grew up in the factory we use today—taking paper and highlighters to sketch shoe ideas as she followed along. This factory is one of the few left in the world that hand sews uppers onto the last. A true testament to artisanal craftsmanship and passing down this skill for generations.

See the timeline of our El Salvador factory here .

Community is our foundation. The individuals that make up FRĒDA are the driving force behind our inspiration and we strive to support them in any way possible. Whether it is committing our time, donating products, aiding charitable organizations, or building networks, we embrace every opportunity to build community and give back. From donating a percentage of profits to the Supérate school located on our El Salvador factory campus to seasonal fundraisers for causes close to our hearts, it’s what makes us, us.