FRĒDA Round-Up

Here’s a quick recap on what’s happened at FRĒDA in the month of May!

Most loved styles:


We're so excited that our Summer collection of sandals has finally launched! Out of the new releases in June so far, the top-selling styles have been the ONA, ISA, and SYDNEY. Let us know what you think of them!

The season is just beginning, and so are our new releases. In other words, we have more exciting additions coming in July and August, one being the classic EDA in canvas! Keep your eye out for that and more in the coming months.

We're also so excited to give you all a sneak peek of our Resort collection!

Take a look at the Google Form linked here to see some of the upcoming styles that will be making their debut in October through December and let us know which ones are your favorite. 

Impact Info 

First and foremost, we're so proud of our family of ambassadors! We've loved seeing you all style and share your FRĒDAs, and know your audience is just as thrilled as we are. As a result of your awesome, FRĒDA-inspired content, we've been seeing some awesome results come with it.

With that being said, we have started to track things more carefully due to the new iOS update to make sure you get the credit and commission that you deserve. You may have noticed we changed the way your code gets credited on Impact. We are proactively doing this to make sure all of the purchases you drive are accounted for, even with the iOS update!

By manually looking into promo code usage and purchases through your Impact link, we have found more and more actions than originally reported. If you are one of the ambassadors who we found more purchases driven by, we'll be reaching out to send you a quarterly price adjustment so all of your transactions are accounted for.

We always want to make sure your efforts are seen and celebrated, so we'll be keeping a close eye on things like this from here on out!

Ambassador Round-Up

Reflecting on May, we are so in love with all of the content created last month around FRĒDA shoes. 

Here are just a few (of many) high performing posts we want to shoutout:

Ashley Streicher 

Ashley ambassador Instagram stories

Ashley's mirror selfies are a fan favorite of hers! With a head-to-toe Instagram story of her outfit of the day, Ashley's followers can shop her look through the tags in her post.  

Sarah Wright Olsen

Sarah ambassador Instagram story and post

Sarah has been sharing her LEAs in the month of May! Through Instagram stories and a feed post, Sarah showcased her slide-worthy, Summer style with her followers while tagging FRĒDA in the process.

Trish Llopis 

Trish ambassador Instagram story and post

Trish has featured the LEA and EDA on her Instagram through stories, reels, and feed posts! With a variety of content, Trish has really shown what her FRĒDA shoes look like through a day in her life.