Welcome to FREDA

Thank you so much for being a part of our FREDA Ambassador program. We are thrilled to begin working with you and help build a successful partnership!

We created this ‘welcome package’ to make sure you have everything that you need to get started. Throughout the program, we will continue to send style guides, brand updates, and other content that may interest you and your community. We also encourage you to share information with us and the ways we can support you!

Please reach out to Meg LaChance at meganlachance@fredasalvador.com if you have any questions or feedback.

We genuinely appreciate your support. Welcome to the FREDA Family.


Megan and Cris Portrait

We started FREDA SALVADOR with a belief that style, quality and wearability can exist in one shoe. Our cool, slightly unconventional accessories are designed to empower women and redefine modern feminine style.

Designed in California and made in our family factories in Spain and El Salvador, we believe the sustainability of hand-crafted products is unparalleled.

XX, Cristina and Megan, Co-Founders and Designers

FREDA Tenets

What we stand for:





FREDA on Social

Much like FREDA, your content is authentic and engaging. Nevertheless, to give you an idea of what has worked for our current FREDA family of ambassadors, here are some social media strategies to inspire your FREDA-inspired content:

01. A day in the life

Tricia and Natalie Ambassador Photos

A full-body image showing off your everyday style in FREDAs

02. Ways to wear

Conni and Courtney Ambassador Photos

A variety of outfits in your go-to FREDAs

03. Off beat, in focus

Amber and Erica Ambassador Photos

A creative, unconventional shot that spotlights your FREDAs

FREDA Resources

Link and promo code sharing



These are just two of the apps we’ve seen our ambassadors use to house their Impact link and promo code. With one place for all of your sponsored content, you can simply point your audience to your bio whenever you post in your shoes and you will always receive credit when your followers convert - even if it’s an older post!

Style/outfit sharing



When it comes to style sharing, rewardStyle and LIKEtoKNOW.it make it easy for others to shop your entire look. Although these two apps are effective for sharing your wardrobe in one place, we actually can’t track your individual performance through them.

Our tracking system is within Impact. Within this software, we can see all of the traffic and purchases your content drove, and as a result, pay you a commission for those transactions as well as award bonuses for stellar performance!

If you choose to also use rewardStyle and LIKEtoKNOW.it to promote FRĒDA - that’s ok too! There’s still an opportunity to be paid directly through Rewardstyle at their set rate. But the commission paid is much lower when tagging through Rewardstyle instead of your Impact link and promo code.

We absolutely encourage you to explore and use the platforms that work best for you when it comes to content, but we also encourage you to use them in tandem with sharing your Impact link and code through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Let us know if you have any questions at all! We always want to make sure this process prioritizes you and what feels authentic on your platforms.

FREDA Taglines

Please feel free to include our distinct phrases in your messaging to promote FREDA.


Elevate your everyday style.

Redefining modern feminine style.

Classic, reinvented.

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