Introducing FRĒDA Woman: Laura Gelvez

At home with Laura Gelvez

Can you start by telling us a little about yourself? Your background, what you do and what has led you to what you are doing now?
I am Colombian, I studied Industrial Engineering in Bogotá, I have been married for 5 years and I have been based in San Francisco for almost 4 years.
I really enjoy being in contact with nature and spend time with my family. I love animals

I have a small business called Candelario. I create unique and different recycled jewelry pieces. I am also working with an up cycling project called Curated by Candelario, is a fashion curation. I always think that Candelario more than a jewelry brand is a sustainable life style.
I am passionate about sustainable fashion, that is why today I do what I do, because I believe a lot in supporting lifestyles and ways of work that create initiatives to protect the environment.

What has been the most important jewelry-making skill you’ve learned and why?
Each piece deserves to be treated with delicacy and love, this is I have learned throughout this time with Candelario. Working with small pieces develops the ability to be very careful and detailed in every part of the process.

What inspires your creativity when making a new piece of jewelry?
I think it is an universe of a lot of things, but to be more precise : nature, color, the power to attract good energies, art, music and love are the most important inspirations for me. I like to think that Candelario is a unique brand where I can show what inspires me in my day-to-day life and what I am as a woman.


In the EDA sneaker with the new Freda Forum Anklet!

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry that you’ve made before and why?
My favorite piece is the four wishes earrings because it was inspired to attract love, prosperity, protection and abundance.

Can you tell a little about the anklet you’re making for FRĒDA Forum?
The piece that we created in collaboration with FRĒDA is inspired by the "cachito", a charm that we use in Colombia as a symbol of attraction of good energies and protection. It is a fun piece but at the same time delicate and versatile that reflects the essence of Candelario: Energy and Magic.

How have women inspired you in life or your career?
Definitely, women empowerment has inspired me to follow my dreams. Everyday more and more women are recognizing our qualities as active leaders and I am felling inspired by enterprising, creative and independent women.

Laura's casual go to is the LEA slide.


Tell us something you’re learning about yourself now?
I am a very positive and persistent woman. I like to see the good side of things and I am always looking to evolve as a person and as an entrepreneur.

What’s your mantra?
” I create my own path and I walk it with joy.”

Biggest inspiration?
My mom is my biggest inspiration. She has taught me to fight for what I want and to persevere to achieve it. The love and commitment that she puts into everything inspires me to be a better person and to work towards my dreams. It was because of her that I got the love for fashion.

When you're not working, how do you like to spend your time?
I like to spend time with my family. I really enjoy doing yoga, spending time on the nature and cooking at home with my husband.

As seen in the streets wearing the THEO strappy sandal

What’s your favorite word?
Magic: every time I think about this word it brings me joy.

Favorite fashion moment?
My favorite moment has been the evolution of sustainable fashion. We are making our way towards fashion with a social and environmental purpose.

Your strength?
I always have the best attitude to get things done.

Must-have purse item?
A classic black Chanel.

Currently reading?
The daughters of the Capitan from María Dueñas. A story about the life of 3 immigrant sisters in the United States who make their way in this country to find their purpose of life and get ahead. I have identified a lot with this book.

Currently streaming?
The Last Dance on Netflix. A documentary about Michael Jordan and the whole world of the NBA.

Currently following?
Obsessed with Olivia Santo Domingo and Casa shop

Laura at her home in San Francisco wearing the LEA and ANKLET bundle

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