FRĒDA WOMAN: Heather Magidsohn

Introducing FRĒDA Woman: Heather Magidsohn

Heather holding SERA sandal

Can you start by telling us a little about yourself? Your background, what you do and what has led you to what you are doing now?

I was the kid in the corner at family gatherings devouring fashion magazines that I had begged my parents to buy me at the grocery store checkout line. I always knew I wanted to be in fashion and several internships in my youth only confirmed this. After college I visited New York and literally handed out my resume blindly up and down Seventh Avenue - so naïve but determined! This will date me, but I remember staying with my cousin in the city while I job hunted and carried a fax machine up five floors to her apartment, so I could send out even more resumes and secure the job of my dreams! I was lucky enough to land a full time job at Dolce & Gabbana and spent my 20’s covered in leopard head to toe - a penchant for animal print still guides my sartorial choices daily. I worked in Public Relations with the most illustrious luxury brands, honing my craft, and after logging ten years in New York, I decided to return home to Los Angeles to continue my work in publicity. When the economy crashed (the last time), I was forced to start my own business and have never looked back – best decision I ever made and the most epic adventure!

How’d you get involved with FRĒDA and what do you enjoy most about working together?
I met the Freda ladies through a friend and had two instant girl crushes. Their authenticity was palpable even from the early stages of working together – cut to almost six years later! One of the many things I love about Megan and Christina is that the know exactly who they are. This uncompromising sense of self and their brand makes my job very easy, as it comes through in everything they do.
We’re entrepreneurs, we’re mothers, we’re seekers - both in life and business - and I think this combination keeps us super aligned and open to possibilities. I can’t ask for much more in my partners.

Is there a process by which you help brands discover their celebrity partners?

First we start by delving into the DNA of each brand so we’re able to target talent and influencers that are in sync with their aesthetic and ethos. We thrive on being experts in entertainment culture and are constantly combing the landscape to identify personalities on the rise, women who are contributing to their space in a unique way, that have interesting projects in the works, in addition to working with the notables we all know and love. I liken it to weaving a tapestry of sorts, highlighting different types of women that help our clients net awareness (and sales), but that also incite a compelling dialogue and help build a more meaningful community.

Do you have a professional project you’re most proud of?
Over twenty years in, it’s hard to pick just one but in general, there is nothing more rewarding to me than helping brands get to where they want to be - to know we’ve contributed to their growth is fulfilling to me as a Founder, myself.
I’ve also been called a mentor by several women in my life who now have their own businesses or have promising careers ahead, and it makes me feel proud and probably the most accomplished to know I’ve had even a small hand in their respective journeys.

SERA sandal on ledge in LA

Can you tell us a little bit about becoming a mom? How has it changed or influenced you personally or professionally?
Firstly, becoming a Mom shifts your axis entirely – there’s no way it cannot. You struggle to find balance and finally come to realization that it doesn’t exist, so you do your best. That said, being a working Mom has made me more focused and efficient and I do believe everyone benefits! The amount I can get done in a day is astounding – even to me!
As for my kids, I’m super proud to be a role model to them both. For my daughter, I think it’s really valuable for her to observe me not only as her Mom, but as a successful female entrepreneur and hopefully that drive and sense of limitless boundaries inspires her in whatever path she takes. My son has also started to recognize that same duality within me and I imagine it will have reverberations into his adulthood too – maybe even make him a better man.

What has been the most rewarding part of becoming a mother?
The most rewarding part of becoming a mother has been helping to shape my kids’ purview of the world from an experiential and conceptual standpoint. Now 8 and 4 ½ years old, seeing them become interesting, funny, caring, resilient people gives me great faith that my husband and I are doing at least a few things right!

What women in your life have inspired you?
So many but mostly friends who live their lives without pretense, and who lead with intellect, curiosity and kindness.

Tell us something you’re learning about yourself now?

I’m learning to lean into the unknown. I’m learning that gratitude as a guiding principle will always see you through. I’m learning to be less fearful in the kitchen – if all else fails, a pizza is only a delivery away. I’m learning I actually don’t hate exercise, but I do prefer to do it outdoors. That I have a substantial hot sauce collection. That being cracked wide open post-pandemic can be a very beautiful thing.

Heather wearing SERA sandal on staircase

What’s your mantra?
My TM teacher would kill me if I told you. ;)

When you're not working, how do you like to spend your time?

In a pre-Covid world, my biggest indulgence was travel. I’m also a complete and total foodie and was always seeking the next greatest meal of my life. In these times, my pleasures are far more simple: cooking, walking around my neighborhood after a rainfall when the orange blossoms are most fragrant, creating art with my kids while we listen to classical music, spending quality time with friends, swirling a Monkey 47 poured over a giant ice cube.

Favorite fashion moment?

One of my very first memories of a fashion moment was when Cate Blanchett wore the Galliano hummingbird dress to the Oscars in 1999. It felt different than what we had seen on the carpet before (this was the year of Gwyneth’s poufy pink Ralph Lauren) and she wore the dress versus it wearing her. You immediately understood her essence, her look made you feel something - exactly what enduring fashion moments are meant to do.

Your strength?
I am strong. Dynamic. Intelligent. A great listener. Tenacious. A connector. Passionate. Empathetic. Not for everyone. And that’s ok. ☺

Must-have purse item?
I’m a sucker for clean, and albeit fancy skincare, however when it comes to my lips, I stash cheapie Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm everywhere so it’s always close at hand – super soothing.

Currently reading?
I typically love foodie fiction and anything by Ruth Reichl, but needed a bit more depth this go around so I’m currently reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. Late to the game but loving it.

Currently streaming?
My husband has been begging me to watch Ted Lasso and I finally caved and have subsequently binged. Such a pleasant surprise. Love the heart in this show, the characters, the music.

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