Day in the Life With Alicia Lund

Hi, this is @AliciaMLund!–-I share a mix of elevated casual living, style, and motherhood on my blog Cheetah is the New Black. I'm sure my quarantine days look very similar to yours (my 3-year-old and 11 month old are keeping me especially busy!)... but today I'm wearing FREDAs and they take any day up a notch! ;)





My days start with being woken up by my 3-year-old (around 6:30 am). I'm someone who has to have their coffee right away so we all head into the kitchen bright and early. (Mug is one of my favorite ceramists: @mtwashingtonpottery).


While Rex and Willow play, if I can sneak it in, I grab for some of my favorite coffee table books to browse while I eat breakfast. I love a visual escape first thing in the morning–and anything to read besides the news these days.



I love my mornings with Rex and Willow! We typically do art projects, go for a walk through our neighborhood and play in the backyard. 




After everyone went down for their afternoon naps I swapped the art on this gallery wall for a larger painting that finally arrived. I've been making small changes around our house through this quarantine period just to make things feel fresh again. 



When naptime is over we head outside again for the rest of the afternoon. This spring-like weather has been making all the difference! 

Backyard picnic essentials always include a fun drink (either something bubbly or afternoon tea) and good music. 


This is my current playlist on repeat.



Juggling work and motherhood (and all of the cooking and cleaning) full-time is absolutely exhausting but my silver lining through all of this has hands down been the chance to re-evaluate my priorities. To connect with my community on a deeper level, to think about what is truly essential, changes that I can make for my business, a chance to be creative and how to better serve others.


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