FREDA & Friends in Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree House

FREDA and our friends at Citizens of Humanity spent the morning with Sara Combs and Aleksandra Zee.


After following her journey of renovating and designing The Joshua Tree House on Instagram, seeing the space in real life was magical.  Sara and her husband Rich moved from San Francisco to Joshua Tree in 2015 and have spent the past few years making the space their home. Every detail was so thoughtfully considered and lust-worthy. The overall mood was relaxing and inviting with so many spaces designed to linger.Sara is seen here in Premium Vintage Citizens of Humanity denim and the FREDA Spur loafer.



So many welcoming outdoor spaces created for groups and also solo relaxation. The view of the desert was endless. Exhale. Pure relaxation.


Woodworker/Artist Aleksandra Zee

We recently traveled to Joshua Tree with Ali to shoot our Marfa Collection, as she graciously accepted to be the face of the collection. It was so fun to catch up with her again in her element.  She recently bought acreage down the road from Sara and Rich with similar incredible views.

Aleksandra is seen her in Citizens of Humanity denim and FREDA KEEN with bolo. Below is an example of her beautiful work.

Anna and Sacha from the Citizens of Humanity team came and spent the morning with us. We learned so much about how COH is committed to vertical integration which made us love them even more.

Spending time with artists, designers and makers is one of our favorite things about being in this industry. Women supporting women.

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