FREDA Girl: Lily Kunin

Tell us about yourself! 

My name is Lily Kunin and I’m a health coach, cook, author and co-founder of a modern wellness company called Clean Market. I oversee all aspects of retail and cafe, as well as marketing and design. I love how creative my work allows me to be, and I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking for friends and family and sharing recipes on my blog, Clean Food Dirty City


How do you split your time between Clean Market, health coaching and recipe development? 

This split has changed over the past several years from almost half and half, to nearly if not all of my time and energy toward Clean Market once we launched. I love working with a team and building a company that we can be proud to be a part of and makes a difference in people's lives. Now that my feet are back under me after launching a start up, I’ve been able to make room for recipe development again and posting lots of one-pot recipes on my blog. 


Did you already have a workspace in your home or did you recently create one? What’s your set up? 

I have a 500sq-ft apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn so if I was ever working from home before it was usually from my coffee table. I recently ordered a C-Table to be able to work more seamlessly from my couch or chair. It even has an interior shelf so I can channel an old school desk and tuck away my laptop and notebooks when I finish work for the day. I’m also so thankful for my nearly full sided kitchen during this time since that is part of my work (and my joy).



What are your daily non-negotiables? 

My glow matcha (or 3), meditation, some form of movement, walking my dog Otis, a home-cooked meal. 


How would you describe your personal style? 

Classic and casual. I like feeling put together, but comfortable - often a dress with sneakers and a cashmere sweater, like my favorite Lana lop-tops which are perfectly resilient to the streets of NYC. 

What are you doing to stay healthy mentally and physically right now? 

Meditation has been helpful for me, and I’ve also been taking The Class a few times a week to shake it off and feel less stagnant. I mix in a few walks a day (having a dog is very motivating) and perhaps most importantly fueling myself with real, whole foods to make sure my mind and body feel completely nourished and safe during this time. I have also upped my supplement routine a bit to include Vitamin D and daily Vitamin C and Glutathione. And with even more time in front of the computer, I’ve been wearing my blue blocking glasses and shutting off my phone an hour before bed (I was blown away the first week I did this how much deeper I slept and how much more refreshed I felt when I woke up)! 


*Share a favorite recipe! 

This has been a quarantine staple for me and my friends!


Additional recipes, 

Easy Zucchini Pasta

Smashed Potatoes 

Smashed Potatoes: Par boil your potatoes in salted water (they should be able to be smashed, but don’t over cook them)! -Drain and let cool before smashing (you can parboil the day before). -Preheat oven to 425F. Smash potatoes with back of wooden spoon or bottom of mug on parchment lined baking sheet. Drizzle w olive oil, sea salt, and any herbs/spices you’d like. -Roast until crispy, maybe 30 min maybe 45, keep roasting and keep an eye on them until they reach desired crispy level. -Simply top with flaky salt or drizzle with a tangy dressing with chopped herbs, capers, whole grain mustard, whatever you wish!

White bean hummus w/ super seed pesto This is a favorite dip recipe from my aunt, who is a chef (I get my best recipes from her!) and I top it with a dollop of my very favorite super seed pesto, which I almost always have in the fridge. 

1 can white beans, drained

2  tablespoons olive oil

2 cloves garlic, smashed

1/2 teaspoons sea salt 

1 teaspoon lemon zest

Heat oil, add garlic to sizzle. In a processor OR high speed blender, blend: beans, garlic oil mixture, salt and lemon zest.

Super Seed Pesto 

3 tablespoons pepitas, toasted

1 tablespoon hemp hearts, toasted 

2 cloves of fresh garlic 

1 cup of mixed basil and arugula

½ cup olive oil 

1 teaspoon lemon juice (or acid)

Pinch of sea salt (to taste)  

Using a food processor or good blender, blend your nuts, garlic, and greens together. Once blended, pour in the olive oil. Add lemon and salt, blend. Taste and adjust as needed (I usually add a pinch more salt!) Set aside. 

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