FREDA Horoscopes

​Our FREDA Horoscopes highlight the essence of each zodiac sign and offer some insight on the unique needs of each. We’ve paired every sun sign with a FREDA shoe — something fun to match your cosmic signature! Each horoscope was done by Nicky @thevanmystic, who is an intuitive tarot reader, teacher, creator of the Star Seeker tarot deck, and who is also a part of the design team at FREDA, which makes them that much more special. Enjoy! 




Taurus, as an earth sign ruled by Venus (the planet of love and pleasure), it’s essential to invite physical comfort and beauty into all aspects of your day-to-day life. For a Taurus, happiness is in the simple earthly pleasures of life; the softest blanket, a delicious meal, or the perfect sunny day. These sensory experiences keep you grounded and joyful, allowing you to embody your highest nature.


In this perfect space between beauty and comfort lives our PURE Slide. We love this style for you, Taurus, because of its ease, beauty, and versatility. Whether you’re spending the day at the office or lounging at home under your softest blanket, this is a shoe that can do both in style.





Happiness for you is in riding the winds of change, Gemini. Those liminal spaces where movement exists is where your mind feels most at home. That is life as a mutable air sign - you are curious, restless, excitable, and changeable. And so, you are drawn to the surprising and unexpected things in life; and you need the freedom to bounce between your interests at your own unique pace. 


For you, Gemini, we picked a shoe that can adapt to your evolutionary style. No matter how many times you feel like updating your look this season, the KEEN Mule isn’t afraid of change. Summer dress? Vintage denim? Let’s just say, we think the KEEN looks cute with everything.




For a sign as empathic as you, Cancer, personal comfort is essential for grounding and balance. You are a water sign ruled by the moon, basically making it your birthright to FEEL deeply - often for others. So for you, daily comforts bring stability and respite after connecting with and caring for the outside world. That is why Cancer is the original homebody! Home is a comfortable place where you can decompress, recharge, and take care of you.


The EDA Sneaker is our perfect comfort shoe, Cancer, and they’re even ideal for a day at home! Whether you’re having a self-care moment, a WFH day, or doing some late night redecorating, the EDA offers effortless style and all-day comfort.





Leo, as the brightest star in the zodiac, you were put on this earth to shine brightly. Ruled by the Sun, you have a knack for expressing yourself freely, creatively, and often with a little dash of drama. And we love you for it! You make life more fun for the rest of us, dear Leo. Your shine is like the Sun, and we are basking in your glow. The most valuable thing you can do is to hold onto your natural ability to sparkle, no matter the circumstances.  


Of course, we picked a statement shoe for our shiniest star! The SLEEK Chelsea Boot in Cheetah is a classic silhouette with a little touch of drama. With your expressive personality, we know you can pull off the cheetah print with unmatched confidence, Leo.





For you, Virgo, beauty is in the details. Some may call you a perfectionist, but the truth is, you just appreciate thoughtfulness. It would be a mistake to assume your symbol (the virgin) signifies conservatism or prudishness. In reality, the Virgin represents your pure intentions and caring disposition. These traits matched with a ruling planet like Mercury (the planet of thought and communication), and you can’t help but notice the care, skill, and intention behind every little detail.


For our Virgo friends, we picked a shoe made with careful intention and skill. The WISH Oxford in handwoven leather is all about the details, and that’s something we know you will understand and appreciate! 





For a Libra to feel at peace, there must be a sense of harmony. In your space, within your relationships, and within yourself; life without balance can be a wee bit unsettling for a sign represented by the scale. To add some sparkle to your need for order, your ruling planet, Venus (the planet of love and pleasure), gifts you with an appreciation for beauty as well. De facto: Harmony and beauty = one happy Libra. 


Our MARIGOLD Heel is the perfect style for a sign that appreciates classic beauty, Libra. We love this shoe for you, as it brings instant elegance to any look, and perfectly compliments your naturally elevated style.




Scorpio, as a deep-feeling water sign (some may say the deepest), it serves you to invite more depth and intensity into all aspects of your life. When you connect with something, Scorpio, you want to connect FULLY - nothing half-way or without authentic feeling. You are a sign of passion, and so your surroundings, belongings, and relationships must ignite your passion in order for you to feel aligned. 
At the end of the day, you know what you want, Scorpio. But may we suggest our ISA Sandal? This multi-strap style mirrors your own complexity, and with the bold buckle embellishments, we think it’s just the right amount of intensity for you.



It sure feels good to be a fire sign under Jupiter - the element of passion and creativity paired with the planet of optimism, luck, and expansion. That’s you, Sagittarius! This combo, along with your mutable quality, gives you a particular lust for life and adventure. Because of this, you’re often on the move; changing plans and chasing freedom. Travel, hobbies, projects, and gatherings; it benefits you to stay busy and keep your lifestyle varied and flexible.  

A perfect companion for our spontaneous Sagittarian friends, the ALANIS Combat Boot can weather all kinds of adventures with you. This lace-up style is up for anything, making it all the easier to say YES to whatever comes your way.




Capricorn, everyone knows you’re the boss of the zodiac. Your discipline and determination are second to none, and your commitment to purpose inspires respect. Discipline, boundaries, structure, purpose - these are guidelines you need to embrace in order to embody your highest nature, Capricorn. This framework allows your legendary work ethic to flow forward and get the job done. Just don’t forget to bring your legendary sense of humor along for the ride! 

We love the WIT Oxford for you, Capricorn, for its unique twist on a classic silhouette. This is a shoe for the modern boss, and we can see you conquering your goals in this style one meeting at a time.




Aquarius, you were born to be a visionary; unique, independent, and even rebellious at times. As a fixed air sign, you tend to stick to your own unique principles and ideas, and that’s the way it’s meant to be. You introduce change simply by sharing your own perspective, acting as an outlier and therefore a change-maker. It is your destiny to be different! And while your differences set you apart, sharing them brings people together. 


We picked a uniquely Freda shoe for a unique Aquarius like you. And like Aquarius, in being different, our signature ACE Boot brings us FREDA girls together. Fun how that works!





Pisces, as the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, you were born to end outdated cycles. You are the great change that brings down the old way and makes space for the new. And as a water sign under Neptune (the planet of spirituality & dreams), you bring change through your idealism, sensitivity, and romantic notions. Your gift is to teach us the true value of compassion, vulnerability, creative expression, and love. 


For our dreamiest sign, we love the DEW Sandal. We can see you slipping these on with a light summer dress and taking a romantic beachside walk, Pisces. We think the dew is an easy and artistic style for any aspiring (or professional) daydreamer.





As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries, you were put on this earth to get things started. You ARE creation energy; the spark that inspires the fire. A “leader” of the zodiac, you can be something of a trendsetter, and constantly craving newness. This flow of newness keeps your fire burning, Aries, and it’s important for you to embrace your inventive and ever-changing nature. 


It could only be our newest and brightest shoe for you, Aries. We picked the CLARE Sandal to complement your fearless nature and creativity. Between the colors and the textures, how could you not feel inspired every time you look down at your feet?



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