FREDA Inspire II: A Weekly Round Up

Something To Do: 


One thing we have come to love about being indoors is that it has reminded us to get scrappy about our projects and make do with what we have lying around the house.  One thing we can't wait to roll up our sleeves to do this weekend is natural dye! What better way to utilize our food scraps than to create a natural pigment from them. (Also perfect for Easter Egg Dyeing!) 


Learn how here.


Credit: Food52 // Photography: Alpha Smoot


Natural dye chart via Architectural Digest 



To Bake: Sweeten up your weekend with these cookies.

Something To Read: 

Jen Gotch's new book, The Upside to Being Down just came out and we can't put it down.  Order it here


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Something to Listen To:  


In case you missed it, you can now find FREDA on Spotify. We made a playlist with an homage to long, summer days. Listen here


An incredibly inspiring podcast on how to cope with anxiety in a time of Coronavirus. 


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