Important Update to our FREDA Family

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It has been a difficult post to write because there are so many mixed emotions, but we know how much love and support our FREDA community has for one another. We will work together to get through this time and uplift others along the way.


Our team and your well-being is our number one priority always. Therefore, we have made the decision to close our retail stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. They will be closed starting 3/15 and will remain closed through the end of March. This scheduled closure will not affect our team members' compensation. Our online channel will remain open, but please know that shipping delays may occur.


This brings us to the difficult part of this email. We are a small company. 29 people strong, but independently owned and operated. We have our FRĒDA family in Italy and Spain who are taking all the necessary precautions to do their part in reducing the spread of this virus. We are so grateful for this. It feels good that everyone is doing their part. We are communicating with them daily and doing what we can to prepare for the coming weeks and months. We remain energized by thinking through how we can innovate online and socially but want to ask you for help. As a consumer, please think of supporting small businesses wherever you can. Together we will get through this and hopefully come out stronger.


We'd also love to get your thoughts on what you'd like to hear from us right now. Are emails highlighting product, styling and the behind the scenes of FREDA resonating? More FREDA Girl highlights perhaps? We are sitting here inspired by the opportunity to improve our online dialogue and ignite an even greater conversation with you. Please respond directly to this email and let us know the things you'd be interested in seeing from us. Also, we (Megan and Cristina) run our Instagram and Facebook accounts, so you can also communicate with us directly there as well!


Thank you for your ongoing support.  We are sending you love and positive vibes. Stay well!


Megan, Cristina, and team FREDA

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