It’s true. We get dressed from the ground up. Normally by answering simple questions like, “Where am I going today?” or “What’s the weather?” Shoes offer basic needs like keeping you dry and protected–but they are also the emotional foundation of the way we dress. We look to them for personality, making a statement, and telling a story of self-expression. So, it’s shoes first, then we work our way up; adding things from our closets that make us happy. 


It’s no doubt that we talk about our shoes like they are people and personalities. Each one has a purpose and place. We see her on you and envision where she is going with you. This makes us so happy! We also think about how we’d wear each style, so we thought it would be fun for you to hear a little internal dialogue (and design meeting conversations) about how we think about each style.


Our newest ballet flat with a feminine round toe and made in the softest leathers and handwovens. We would reach for the ROMA when we want to feel effortlessly comfortable, but elevated. It adds polish and sophistication, so we are especially taken to it for a look that's a little messier up top. Baggy jeans, a tee, a statement belt and the ROMA make your everyday uniform.


My gosh, we love this sandal. The SERA fisherman has been a staple for a couple of seasons now. They are our travel shoes because you can literally walk for miles and miles in them, plus they work with both casual sightseeing outfits to dinner out. They are our work shoes because they make everything just that much cooler. Now the JULIETTA is here for both of these things. A funky mid-heel version of the SERA. We love it because it’s sensible (let’s be real) but it is also a major vibe. It adds height, it adds attitude, it adds a new cool factor. Of course with a dress, but we are also psyched to wear these with ripped jeans and tie-dye tees. 


One of the prettiest shoes we have ever made. It’s so soft and feminine but the silver gives it the edge we need (as self-proclaimed tomboys) to slip into these with our everyday wear. Flirty and such a confidence booster. They are an instant mood enhancer that works with everything. Seriously, try and think of something these wouldn’t work with. If you discover something let us know! We’ll be in these sandals with everything from sweatpants and a huge tee (just add big jewelry) to long summer dresses.


The only thing basic about this sandal is it will become a basic summer need. The BRADY is covered in our signature solid brass studs making them anything but ordinary. Shorts, skirts, dresses, pants; all instantly cooler. These sandals are made on our best-selling round toe last and have the softest and most supportive padded footbed (which is basically a secret of the wearer because the studded leather welt and sole do not resemble a typical sandal that screams comfort.) The easy slip-on, slip-off functionality will ensure these sandals will be on our feet all waking hours seven days a week.


You guessed it; inspired by Barbiecore. We couldn’t help it, because with the success of the JADA comes the success of brightly colored shoes for FRĒDA. We have never before had a style that literally looks good in every color and we believe the brighter the better! We love this magenta ballet with the toughest, most distressed things in our closets. The pop of color needed to make something drab tell a different story; one of exciting self-expression and drawing eyes and compliments with every wear.


Our clean, modern, sophisticated sandal, made in the most beautiful veg calf leathers. A heritage piece that will get better and better as you live in them. The MARTA has a really beautiful square toe and a slip-through crisscross strap which gives it a very cool personality. It’s these subtle and interesting details that add a sense of polish and elevated ease to the wearer. The MARTA is so great with bermuda shorts, summer dresses, and of course a white tank and light wash jeans.

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