FRĒDA Round-Up

Here’s a quick recap on what’s happened at FRĒDA in the month of June!

Most loved styles:


June was an exciting month of new releases, and July has been too. If you haven't had a look at our July Launch Lookbook, take a peek! You can find an exclusive look at the styles that dropped this month, including the recently released EDA Canvas

Be sure to keep your eye out for the August Launch Lookbook coming soon!

Updated Welcome Package  

Remember when you joined the FRĒDA family and received a Welcome Package PDF of information to introduce you to our program? Well now that document lives on the Ambassador Updates blog homepage

Not only is this a great resource to look back on, but will be used to onboard new additions to the program. Although most of the information is the same, there is one small change that was made to the Impact portion that might also affect you - so we encourage you to take a peak!  

Long story short, Impact is still our designated partnership tool for our ambassadors, but we recognize that rewardStyle and are also platforms that are useful in sharing about your FRĒDAs.

As you may know, there’s an opportunity to be paid directly through rewardStyle at their set rate, but the commission paid is much higher when tagging through your Impact link and promo code. 

We absolutely encourage you to explore and use the platforms that work best for you, but we also encourage you to use them in tandem with sharing your Impact link and code through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Let us know if you have any questions at all! We always want to make sure this process prioritizes you and what feels authentic on your platforms. 

Ambassador Nominations 

Speaking of our ambassador family, we want it to be exactly that, a family. So, if you have any content-creating friends who you think could make a great addition to our program, please send them our way! 

You can email Meg LaChance at if anyone comes to mind that you'd like to recommend to our growing team.

Ambassador Round-Up

June brought warmer weather and you brought amazing content with it! 

Here are just a few (of many) high performing posts we want to shoutout:

Jennifer Morrison  

Jennifer Morrison Ambassador Photos

Jen lets her viewers get up close and personal with her FRĒDAs! With a candid-take on her shoe-inspired content, Jennifer showed off her BROOKE boots and EDA sneakers in a day-in-the-life fashion alongside her promo code on Instagram.  

Karla Reed

Karla Reed Ambassador Photos

Karla doesn't hold back when it comes to her love for the EDAs! Through Instagram stories, Karla didn't just style the shoes, but shared insightful information (like the fact that she's owned her EDA white calf sneakers for two years now!) and directed her followers to FRĒDA's Instagram, website, and to her personalized promo code.

Conni Jespersen  

Conni Jespersen Ambassador Photos

Conni has mastered the art of Instagram reels! Beyond the amazing video editing and effects, Conni does an amazing job of showing how she styles her EDAs in real time. Not to mention, Conni made an appearance at our pop-up Diego event in San Diego last month and drove sales through her promo code!