Brooke Rain or Shine

Our Chelsea Boot with badass functionality.

A round toe boot with a super lightweight lug sole and signature studded welt that makes your outfit, rain or shine.

What makes our BROOKE leather waterproof?

During our leather sourcing trip, we found a calf and suede, made in Italy, from a natural material that is both non-porous and breathable. So, it looks like our classic leather and suede on the outside, but the back of the natural leather forms an impenetrable barrier against water. Wear your boots in the rain to see water beading and repelling off of the leather.

How to care for your BROOKE boots?

A Design note:

We designed these boots to be water repellent, but we used a Chelsea Boot construction because the classic style was important to us. Therefore, the elastic on the side of the boot is not waterproof. The lug sole is high, so pounding through puddles is a YES, but submerging the boot underwater is a NO. The elastic will let water in if the boot is submerged. Confidently pound the puddles, but avoid deep pools.

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