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Sonoma, California is about 45 minutes from our Sausalito based office, so it topped the list when we were talking about places for our summer road trip themed photoshoot. We typically we pop up there to visit some of our favorite wineries, but when we looked at this unbelievable town through another lens, we made some amazing discoveries.  

1. Sonoma Valley Fruit Basket 18474 CA-12, Sonoma, CA model wearing sandals in fruit basket grocery aisle

Produce obviously, but they also have an amazing assortment of specialty olive oils, candy, pastas, dry goods...and colorful bucket hats.

2. Angelo's Wine Country Deli 23400 Arnold Dr, Sonoma, CA 

model at deli wearing sandals

The best cold cut Italian hoagies to take for a picnic or fresh homemade sausages to make later. Great meat selection and market items like stuffed olives and pasta sauces.

3.  Vintage Aircraft 23982 Arnold Drive, Sonoma, CA

model on plane field wearing sandals

The coolest collection of vintage planes where you can see Sonoma from the sky! Open cockpit biplane rides over wine country are described as being the "noisiest sense of peace you will ever experience." We cannot wait to go back to take a ride.

4. Lou's Luncheonette 2698 Fremont Dr, Sonoma, CA

model at diner wearing sandals

Our favorite lunch spot in Sonoma. The fried chicken, biscuits and milk shakes are the best. Order at the window and then tons of shaded picnic tables in the back. Feels like forever away.

5. Jack's Filling Station 899 Broadway, Sonoma, CA

model at filling station wearing boat shoes

A road trip must! Jack's has gas of course, but so much more. The biggest score was their selection of orange wine, which is nearly impossible to find in stores around here.  Then they also have records, candy, enamel pins, vintage gag gifts, and so much more. 

VW bus outside filling station

A special thanks to @moboblooms for lending us our dream VW bus for the shoot!

Red truck with playlist text overlay

As you take your adventures to the highway, listen along with us to the ultimate road trip playlist above! 

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