FREDA WOMEN: Erica Chan Coffman

We recently caught up with some of our 'original' FRĒDA Women to see where they are today and how FRĒDA continues to fit into their daily lives.  Since their initial feature some have become mothers, some have launched businesses, but all continue to inspire.

Re-introducing Erica Chan Coffman: Co-Founder Honestly WTF! 

Erica and Honestly WTF has been one of our go-to sources for fashion inspiration since day one. Simply put, we love Erica's style. It's unique, it's interesting and it's her own.  She's the cool friend that always discovers the next new designer or next new trend.

We caught up casually with Erica to see how FREDA continues to work into her lust worthy closet. She never disappoints! She Q&A below.

Photographs by Emily Scott


Briefly describe your personal style.

It's hard to break down my style in words, as I feel like its all over the map and constantly evolving! It really depends a slew of ever changing factors, like the mood I'm in, the music I'm listening to at the moment, or the environment around me. I would say it a juxtaposition of boho, minimalist, tomboy, and feminine . . . and never heavily dependent on trends.

When did you first discover FREDA?

I first discovered FREDA, back in 2012, after winning an Instagram contest at an event they were hosting at a local boutique in San Francisco! I won a pair of FREDAs and literally have not stopped wearing them since.

Do you have a favorite FREDA style?

All of them. I will always love the D'Orsay Loafers, as they were the first pair I owned, and am secretly hoping they'll make a comeback.

How does FREDA fit into your daily life?

I wear them to pilates, at school drop offs, to meetings, on trips . . . it's second skin for me.

Where is the most interesting place you have worn your FREDA's?

I recently traveled to Australia, for a week, with just one carry-on suitcase. I was determined to pack light! And the only footwear I brought was a pair of FREDA's. The Wear Laceless Oxfords. Exploring Melbourne, the beach and wine country in single pair of shoes turned out to be just fine and totally freeing.

Fill in the blanks.

I wear my FREDA's when: All day, everyday.

I wear my FREDA’s with: My womanhood.

With my FREDA’s I could: DO ANYTHING.

I think FREDA Girls are bad ass because: They know what's up.

One thing I am doing to help make a difference in this world is: Volunteering and being an active member of my local community.

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