We recently caught up with some of our 'original' FRĒDA Women to see where they are today and how FRĒDA continues to fit into their daily lives.  Since their initial feature some have become mothers, some have launched businesses, but all continue to inspire.

Re-introducing: Singer/Songwriter, Lia Ices


Briefly describe your personal style.

Minimalist hippy meets virgin suicides.


When did you first discover FREDA?

Through my great friend Lauren Goodman- who has the best style of anyone I know!


Do you have a favorite FREDA style?

I love these Ace boots. The silver eyelets give them such a nice pop , and I love the stacked heel. Also appreciate how versatile they are, easy to wear with Levi’s and a sweatshirt or a long flowy dress!

How does FREDA fit into your daily life?

Living in Sonoma, I need shoes and clothes that can function easily between outdoorsy and elegant.  Freda shoes do that effortlessly!

Where is the most interesting place you have worn your FREDA's?

The Hagia Sophia

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