FRĒDA WOMAN: Nicky Ferrada

Introducing Nicky Ferrada to the FRĒDA WOMAN series

Can you please describe Tarot and how you got started?

Tarot is a set of 78 cards, each representing a different archetype or energy. The cards collectively tell a story about the journey of life, from beginning to end and everything in-between. So when we pull a particular card, it gives us insight as to which part of the story we are in and what our best way forward might be. Sometimes we get stuck in our headspace, especially when we’re at a crossroads, and the tarot can help us to access our subconscious and make the best decisions for our highest good. Of course, some people use tarot for divination - predicting possible outcomes for the future. Tarot can also be used to connect with a higher source, the higher self, a great mystery. It’s up to the reader how to use it. My grandmother was a tarot reader and gifted me with my first deck when I was a kid. Neither of us had the patience to teach me at the time, but I always carried my deck with me and found it very mysterious and magical. Much later, I decided to learn more deeply through teachers and self-study.

Does it influence you daily? If so, how?

Oh yes! I like to pull a card or two almost every day for myself. I ask the universe what energy I should expect for the day and how I can best work with that energy. It feels good to have a little heads up and some inspiration for the day ahead. If I find myself in a place of uncertainty, I might pull a card to help me clarify things. I also offer readings to my community on Instagram every day, tuning into the collective energy and sharing daily tarot guidance.

What inspired you to create your own cards and what was that process like? And where can we find them?!

I was living in Taos, New Mexico, at the time, and I needed an outlet for my creative energy. I had already started reading and teaching tarot, and it felt like a natural fit since I have a background in design. To be honest, I resisted the idea of creating a deck at first - I didn’t think I had the resources or the power. So I started by telling myself that it was a project “just for me,” and if it turned into something bigger - great. It turned out to be an incredibly empowering and spiritual process, as if I was moving through the energy of each card as I was creating it. To now see the deck being used and loved by so many… it amazes me. I have an Etsy shop, and the deck is called the Star Seeker Tarot.

We are big believers in the power of positivity and you are one of the most positive people we have ever met! What’s your secret?

Why thank you! There are things I do daily to keep me feeling positive and embodied. Continuing to learn new things and stimulate my creativity is so important to me. The world is full of things I have yet to discover, and every day there is something new to explore. It keeps things exciting to look at life as a student and always stay open and curious. I do my best to keep a balance between work and play, prioritizing both equally. Life is a precious gift, and I believe we should enjoy it as much as possible. Some days I need a walk in nature or a long journaling session to break up my workflow. Some days I need a solo dance party or connection with the community. I listen to my intuition and try to make space for my changing needs. For me, these daily pleasures are the breath of life! I think simple self-care can fall down the priority list until we burn out. There’s a lot of pressure to do things in a big way, but even 5-10 minutes of self-care every day can have a huge, positive impact. I’ve also worked a lot on acceptance and surrender. If I face a challenge or failure, I believe it’s happened for a reason, and I’m being redirected for my highest good. This belief helps me to stay positive and in the flow!

Do you have any recommendations for our community to stay positive during times of uncertainty?

I like to visualize my ideal outcome at the beginning of each day, watching everything unfold in my mind's eye. This practice can help to lift your spirits and shift you onto your best path. It all starts in the mind; our thoughts are like the seeds in the garden of our life. What are you planting at the beginning of each day? What do you continue to nourish throughout the day?

Do something fun or playful every day. For example, we have a little trampoline, and bouncing on it makes me laugh - it is good for my spirit and my body. It reminds me not to take things too seriously! I think we could all use that reminder sometimes. :)

Stay connected to loved ones and community - support systems are sacred in these times!

What in your opinion can we do to spread positivity and support each other more?

I think intentionally empathizing and relating to each other's experiences is so valuable. Listening without judgment. Simply letting somebody know that you see and understand them can help lift such a weight. Let’s lift each other in all stages. Let’s support the whole wheel of emotions and experiences that we all go through. Let’s look at each other with openness and empathy and without assumption. I love normalizing vulnerability. I think there is so much power in simply listening and holding space for people to just “be." I also think spreading love and appreciation for each other without conditions is so impactful. I find that acts of kindness always come back around in one way or another, so why not offer them freely and without expectations? Even offering someone a smile or a compliment can spread so much light!

What we love most about your readings is the practice of looking within first and then thinking about how that affects how we show up in our communities. Can you comment on the importance of self care, what that means to you and then how it can help support other women?

Everything starts with the self. When we fill our cup first, we have so much more to offer others. When we care for and love ourselves, we inspire others to do the same. Our outer world, in many ways, can be a reflection of our inner world. In this way, our loved ones, community, and the greater collective benefit from our self-care. It’s good for me, it's good for you! What’s not to love?

A Community Energy Reading by Nicky Ferrada

Dear Freda family,

Please enjoy this community energy reading for the week of November 2nd, 2020. The purpose of this reading is to give you some insight on the collective energy of this moment in time, and bring forward guidance to help you in navigating the path forward. For this reading, I’ve used tarot cards to partner with the universe in bringing forward the messages we most need for our highest and best. This reading is for anyone who feels drawn to it, and while it is posting the week of November 2nd, if you come across it later it is also for you. We are always drawn to a reading exactly in the moment we need it!

The energy of our week ahead: 9 of Wands & The Wheel

There is potential for unnecessary struggle this week, with no real control or certainty over the outcome of our efforts. Wheels may be spinning with nowhere to go. The 9 of Wands pictures a warrior, making her last push to victory. Perhaps you’ve been pushing towards a certain goal or outcome, or feel like you’ve been fiercely fighting for something. But paired with The Wheel, you are reminded that greater forces are at play and ultimately the outcome is not up to you. At this time, you’ve done all you can do. Don’t get caught up in frustration over things you cannot control. You have worked so hard and done so well; now it’s time for fate to unfold. The universe is giving you permission to rest.

How can we best flow with the energy of this time? The Empress

Relax, nourish, and mother yourself. Take a self care day and lean into pleasure. Connect with nature and let the grounding energy of mother earth ease your Spirit. This is a wonderful time for nurturing creative projects and bringing new ideas to light. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do but didn’t have time for previously, now is the time to let your inspiration flow freely.

Where should our focus be this week? 9 of Pentacles

The 9 of Pentacles represents self sufficiency and independent success. She reminds you to appreciate all of the hard work you’ve done and the wonderful life you’ve built for yourself. Is there something you’ve accomplished that you’re not fully enjoying at the moment? Are you holding yourself back from celebrating your successes? Some of you may be getting stuck in the “what isn’t” and not spending enough time with “what is”. However this shows up for you, it’s important this week to appreciate your journey and everything you have created. No matter how small your accomplishments may seem, take time to honor and celebrate them this week.

Where should our focus “not be”? 3 of Cups

We cannot get lost in the energy of other people this week. Put your individual wellbeing first and protect your energy. If there are certain people, groups, or situations that make you feel drained or don’t bring out the best in you, it’s OK to kindly avoid them in this moment. Stay home and spend more time within. Surround yourself with uplifting people and situations, and don’t feel bad about cancelling plans or saying no this week if you need to.

Our lesson for this week - what are we learning? The Moon

The Moon is the great mystery. This week teaches us to embrace the unknown, even when it’s uncomfortable. At times it may feel like we are sitting in the dark, waiting for something to happen. Things will move from the darkness into the light when they are meant to, and sometimes only when we stop pushing. In the darkness, with all of that open space, let your own creativity flow. In focusing within and nurturing your creative spark, untapped creative potential will reveal itself. Surrender to the flow.




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