We’re pleased to introduce Samantha Wennerstrom as both our FRĒDA Woman this month and collaborator in our limited-edition BROOKE Boot. Founder and creator of “Could I Have That,” she has an understated approach to dressing and a shared love of effortless style that inspires us in our everyday.

Behind the scenes of our shoot, we sat down with her to talk about starting a business, style and everything in-between.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I live in Santa Barbara, CA with my husband Todd and our two daughters, Elin and Lila. I am the author of the blog, “Could I Have That,” which covers fashion, home, travel and motherhood, and I co-founded Wrel Living, a lifestyle shopping site.

What inspired you to start “Could I Have That”?

I started “Could I Have That” as a creative outlet while in my 20s because I had a lust for style, lifestyle and photography and wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do yet professionally. While still figuring it out and working in publishing and fashion, my blog grew organically (as did social media) and it became my full-time job a few years later. It’s been really exciting being part of such a new industry and I’ve met so many inspiring, talented people along the way. I feel grateful every day that I get to be a part of it!

What have been the most significant challenges and wins in building a business?

So many! It’s hard to count but I’d say the biggest challenge these days is listening to your own voice. There is a lot of noise out there these days with social media and it’s easy to get distracted or discouraged. I’ve found that spending time creatively offline has been so rewarding and brings a sense of clarity.

As for wins, I’d have to say the day I landed on the cover of the Wall Street Journal felt pretty surreal. I had family members calling to congratulate me who had no idea what blogging was and that felt incredibly validating.

Do you have advice for those wanting to start their own business?

Keep your head down and do the work. There is no perfect starting point so just get the wheels moving and don’t stop!

What does personal style mean to you?

To me, personal style is how you tell your story through your home, wardrobe and overall aesthetic. So many things can influence a person’s style—art, travel, fashion, family history—I think it’s just so cool how it gets shaped along the way.

In a few words, can you describe your personal style?

Classic, casual and sophisticated.

How do you up the ante in your everyday life?

Given my skills in the kitchen aren’t exemplary, I rely on my wardrobe to make my days feel extra. For me that’s wearing special jewelry, putting on a little lip color or a great pair of boots.

Closet editor or builder?

Over the years I have definitely become more of an editor. I think I’ve just honed in more on what I love to wear and kept my basics fresh and minimal.

What are you coveting and loving right now?

I’m coveting a Khaite cashmere sweater, really loving that brand right now, and overall classic, minimal looks.

Where do you look to discover new brands or for style inspiration?

Magazines, blogs, Vogue, social media, style icons, friends…so many places!

What makes you feel supported from the ground up?

Family, friends and being out in nature. When I feel a little “off” the best cure is a hike or walk on the beach, lunch with a girlfriend or a phone call with my mom or sister.

We’re so excited about our BROOKE collaboration with you; tell us why you chose this boot and designed it in this color?

This has been such a fun experience and a complete dream come true—my first product collaboration so it feels so so special to be doing it with a brand I have worn for nearly a decade. The Brooke boot is one of my most loved and worn FRĒDA SALVADOR styles so it felt like the most natural direction to go in and light neutrals are something I’ve always gravitated towards. When we looked at materials I went straight for an antique, bone-colored suede because I immediately pictured a cool monochromatic look for fall with a chunky cream sweater. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Who are your style icons?

My grandmother Joanne Setzer, Elin Kling, Leandra Medine, Cecilie and Amalie Moosgaard, Anouk Yve and Leia Sfez.

Trademark accessory?

My Jennifer Fisher cuffs with my daughter's names on them.

Who are your all-time favorite brands?

FRĒDA SALVADOR, Khaite, Nili Lotan, Toteme, Acne, La Ligne, Janessa Leone, Dôen, Celine and Saint Laurent.

What peice are you buying this season to update your look?

Loving a statement striped cashmere sweater for this season and coveting the turtleneck one by Khaite. I’m also leaning into baggier jeans and pants which feel updated to me—I just got the Manon trousers by A Piece Apart and love them.

Daytime uniform?

Vintage Levi's with my Elba loafers, white tee, a chunky sweater and black sunglasses.

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