Meet Power Women Jenn, Kristie, and Ashley Streicher

Photos taken by Morgan Pansing 

Please share who you are and what you do? 

AS: I’m Ashley Streicher and I am the youngest sister and hairstylist.

KS: Kristie Streicher, Eyebrow Artist specializing in the Feathered Brow™️.

JS: I'm Jenn and I do makeup.


Being a female entrepreneur is a powerful thing. Can you please share a few words of wisdom/advice to someone that wants to start her own company?

AS: I would advise on having a business plan, we started with an idea and ran with it. It changed phases many times as we went along which definitely makes communicating with several parties extra work. 

KS: Learn to tap into and trust your instincts but don't be afraid to take risks!

JS: Well, first and foremost, have a business plan.  That is one thing we did not have and really got us into trouble down the line. But we have learned a lot from our mistakes, and we made a lot of mistakes.  And that's another thing, mistakes suck, but you always learn something.

What are you most proud of?

AS: I’m proud of the fact that as our business has grown, so has our relationship and family. We still have pretty much the same STRIIIKE crew that we started with so it feels like a really solid group. So thankful and proud of Jo Pizzi, our salon manager who has really rolled with ALL the punches and grown with us.

KS: They amazing team we’ve been able to build and keep at STRIIIKE, its 100% what makes us successful and why people like coming into STRIIIKE- positive vibes.  

JS: I do love the feeling everyone gets while they are in STRIIIKE.  Its not like any other "salon" in that there is not that frenetic energy that seems to happen in big salons.  It feel intimate and relaxed, which is what we set out to do. So, I am pretty proud of that.

What is it like to have your sisters as business partners?

AS: Fun and hard all at the same time. We always have to be aware not to bring personal drama or history to the job. We actually get along best when working, we all have a very similar aesthetic that plays well together.

KS: Just as you would imagine!  Really rewarding but also very difficult at times.  There's always family dynamics that affect things but I try to compartmentalize the two relationships and separate sisters from business partners to have the most respectful relationship. 

JS: Well, there are lots of pros and cons, as you can imagine.  And my answer probably changes on a daily basis. Most of the time its pretty amazing to work together, as a team and see our business grow.  Other days, it's really tough, especially on a personal basis. There are some days when I have to question if its been worth the strain it puts on our relationship.  Obviously, it is! We are still here.

What has been the most significant in making you the woman you are today?

KS: I grew up fast and had to be very independent from an early age.   I had to work through the issues that come with that but also was able to embrace and trust the confidence those experiences gave me to be strong and compassionate at the same time! 

JS: I had to become pretty independent (financially, physically) at an early age. I think that has a lot to do with the woman I am today.  There is a lot of good qualities in that process, and I am sure some negative ones too (sometimes it's nice to depend on someone). But I am always grateful for that experience because it has gotten me where I am today.


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