This is Megan and I am really excited to start this series about where to buy the looks in our campaign shoots. We have (hopefully) responded to every email and DM asking about "where to buy" over the years. We really love how much you love our styling. We style everything on our own because for Cris and me it's the final step in the design process; to complete the look that bring's the shoes to life. 

June was an especially fun month because the energy of summer is so tangible and then also this drop is so close to our hearts as it was inspired by our roots and favorite places in El Salvador and Montana. Natural palm leaf raffia hand woven into our best-selling JESSIE and SERA styles and western, western, western inspired by my summers in Montana. We have such a cool cow print and denim combo in styles like the JADA, JOLENE, LORETTA and our new RIVER and then new modern classics with a higher heel on the CARLY and REBA. They are sexy and fun! Then finally new bright and beautiful colors in our ballet, the ROMA. They are hands down the most beautiful and comfortable ballet flats we have seen. Each handwoven in Spain by artisans and then finished at our family factory. 

Ok, thanks for reading, now let's get to it! You can scroll all looks and see links below or simply click here to see itemized list. 

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3 


Look 4


Look 5

Look 6 


Look 7 


Look 8 

Look 9 


Look 10 

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